Height of Tomei Street Racing days

Mid Night is formed
・Yatabe Circuit High Speed Try
Member Y’s 911 Turbo clocks Japan’s Porsche top speed record of 298.76 km/h

The End of Tomei Street Racing days
・Article coverageCarrera and Turbo Shimmering in Mid Night
 in Shukan Gendai Magazine October Issue

・Wangan Race starts; Former Chairman’s 911 Turbo still prevails undefeated today.
・Hakone Turn Pike Legend; Kometani 930 Turbo records 6 min 37 sec at Climbing and retires with the Course Record.
・Shuto Highway Express Legend; on New Year’s Midnight, Yamada S130z records 4 min 54 sec a round and retires as the Champion.

August; Introduced on OPTION Supreme Legend

February; Mid Night members Y / K/ Y talk special article Shin Hashiriya Otokodencoverage in OPTION February Issue.

T’s FD3S Mod Debuts. Prevails undefeated and carries on the legacy till today.

October; AUTO WORKS Yatabe Mid Night High-Speed Challenge

February; TBK Promodet 32GTR records 321.51km/h at AW Top Speed Trial.

November; Approval Promodet 964 Turbo records 332.19km/h at AW Top Speed Trial.

November; T becomes 2nd Generation Chairman of Mid Night

Mid Night totals 50 members, and Legacies are passed on.